oh kevin liu.

kevin always makes me smile =D
one of my closest friends from the past, what, 5 years now?
even though i always bust his chops, he is an earnest, loyal, and caring person. i guess.
so many things that i could say.
2 times during my senior year that i distinctly recall.
1. pkt fall semi. it was the beginning of the end, and you were there.
2. graduation night. it was the last time someone held me while i cried my eyes out. 1 1/2 years ago.
i’m going to miss you terribly when you leave the northeast…

for the record:

me: ads;lfjads;lkfj

this shouldn’t be so complicated
Kevin: hah i know right
meesh, why can’t we just live in disneyworld
me: let’s do it!
let’s move
Kevin: lol
i swear, if i ever win the lottery (or some equally large poker jackpot)
you’re my first phone call
me: hahaha ok!
Kevin: and we’ll go serve God from florida
me: i’m holding you to it!
Kevin: please do =)

One thought on “oh kevin liu.

  1. […] to rent from the burton-conner dorm. we spotted Sleepover and joked about watching it, and my buddy kevin seemed genuinely interested in watching it. so we did, and it was hilarious. it did not disappoint, […]

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