“does anyone in this apartment wear clothes?!”

last night, i took a hot shower after an entire day in the freezing cold. as i stepped out of the bathroom in my towel, i heard the door click open. i immediately warned my roommate and her man-friend of my not fully dressed state and demanded eyemuffs.
tonight, my other roommate was wandering around the apt. in a t-shirt and her underwear when the other roommate and said man-friend returned home. needless to say, eyemuffs again.

we need to sensor the apartment, huh?

stina had this in her status. is this not the cutest little ball of fur EVER??


One thought on ““does anyone in this apartment wear clothes?!”

  1. Eyemuffs – you have coined a new term.

    I love this entry because it definitely comments on what living in an apartment full of girls is like. At least we aren’t all walking around in bras and panties all day.

    It is out of general “courtesy” to warn the men to cover their eyes, I feel like if they had their say – they wouldn’t mind one bit… they are men after all.

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