retail therapy.

since i had some vacation days to kill, i decided to take friday and monday off. i decided to do some retail therapy for myself in addition to helping my momma Christmas shop.  i managed to score a copy of the giving tree though. that made my week (=

something er. interesting. happened today. i was trying on a pair of heels when i noticed a man in his late 40s (presumably accompanying his wife/girlfriend i saw him with) giving my feet a sideways glance. i felt a little awkward, but i guess he was just bored. i proceeded to take the shoes off as the woman walked past me, followed by the sideways glance guy. as he walked past, he told me in a matter of fact voice, “those look good on you.” (and not in a feminine, “oh honey. those look so fabulous on you!” way.)  i stammered out an awkward, “oh. um. thank you.” and felt kind of creeped out because he said it pretty loudly. what kind of man says that when his woman is 10 feet away? maybe i interpreted this the wrong way, but he still managed to give me the heebiejeebies. how odd.


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