lunch date with daddy.

a bit rambly.

i met daddy law for lunch last week. i talked to him about some of the stuff i’ve been pondering lately.

my parents are so chill now. almost too chill.

after a childhood of being told what to do – do well in school, learn a musical instrument, participate in extracurriculars, be active in youth group, etc. – my parents stopped all of a sudden. the goals were pretty clear cut growing up: work hard and you’ll go to a good college. in college, choose a major and do well in that.

then college broke me. it was the best of times and the worst of times. it was senior year of college that i realized i didn’t have a game plan and wouldn’t be told what to do in order to “succeed.” there was no longer a formula. i was….free…? aside from choosing a college/major/boys, i never needed to make any real major life decisions.

what did my parents have to say? they seemed to trust that they did a good job raising me and jer and just let go. COMPLETELY. they supported me in whatever i wanted to pursue. i’m sure they were glad i took a fashion job in ny rather than a *ahem* police radio marketing job in florida. i’m glad i chose ny also. some of my closest friends from childhood and college are nearby, as is my family. and it’s new york – there’s so much to experience in this city. like i’ve stated before, last year was the best post-college, pre-real world experience i could ask for. with that said, i’m slowly figuring out who i am and learning to be comfortable in my own skin again.

i asked him what he imagined me becoming, what he and mama law desired for me and my future, if he thought i would be mature enough to settle down before i was 30 (and if i would ever find someone compatible with my odd self). he proceeded to crack a joke about two 40somethings from my home church that eventually found each other and got married recently. after picking his brain some, i came to the realization that my parents really don’t worry about me. they truly believe they raised me well enough to make my own decisions (and good ones at that.) so what am i worried about? i suppose i’m afraid that i’ll F up and all their years of hard work and providing for me will go to waste.

“you know what they say about guys, right?” he asked with a smirk on his face. ” ‘you have to go through a lot of frogs to find a prince.’ ” hahaha (= then he proceeded to ask if i’ve been through enough frogs. i told him that i don’t need anymore frogs – i’ve had more than enough. “just remember: frogs are better than toads.” my dad is so cheesy. i love it.


2 thoughts on “lunch date with daddy.

  1. kevinintheairforce

    Meesh, I don’t believe for a second you’ll F up. You’re just too awesome.

    Besides, that’s why you have the rest of us to smack you upside the head if you start heading in a wrong direction. Oh wait…I got our roles reversed…

    ❤ See you in a few days. =)

  2. You’re blogging? Now I have something else to read!

    And you won’t F up. And if you do, I bet it’ll be totally worth it and fun 🙂

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