four day weekend.

this weekend, i was able to take some time for myself after a whirlwind of oversocializing and craziness. some time to spend time with my mama/the roomies/kristin. then time to be with myself – to slow down, think, and reflect. i love self-evaluating, but it’s so tiring. and i’m always afraid to get started for fear of what i’ll realize about myself.

anyways, we decorated our dinky wire tree.



anyone that visits must decorate an ornament. so swing by if you can!

i baked cookies. and cooked dinner. and managed to burn the palm of my hand on a wire rack. none of my stories are complete without some sort of mishap. i suppose the mission to domesticate me is picking up again. we’ll see how long that lasts.

a photo of the snickerdoodles. mm. a classic.

in honor of the 60 degree weather, i went on a run today. the first in…2 or 3 months? it was a pretty slow 2 miles, but it felt great to be outdoors and enjoy the view of the hudson. good thing i got out; i was starting to get cabin fever.

live like you’re dying. lenka.
heard it on a tv show today. can’t stop listening to it.


One thought on “four day weekend.

  1. The apartment looks so full of Christmas spirit! I may have to steal your pictures later. It is so true though, it is always nice to take time to sit down relax without being caught up in this whirlwind of partying, playing, etc.

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