i took the Bolt bus returning from boston.
thank God they have internet and electrical outlets (=

as always, my timing is impeccable.

i decided to go up to boston to visit friends this weekend. of course, the first big snowstorm of the season decided to follow me up there. i made it there before the snow hit, but getting around proved to be a bit tricky. let’s just say i spent the majority of my time around central square and didn’t really venture beyond the 3 apartments i was visiting.
it always precipitates when i visit boston. when i came over the summer, i experienced torrential horizontal rain. it was miserable.

the good thing about this trip was that i had the chance to spend time with good friends. and i am proud to say we spent a part of this time watching a fantastic middle school chick flick called Sleepover, starring Alexa Vega from Spy Kids. the reason for this event goes back 4 years to my freshman year of college. a few of my friends were trying to decide which movie to rent from the burton-conner dorm. we spotted Sleepover and joked about watching it, and my buddy kevin seemed genuinely interested in watching it. so we did, and it was hilarious. it did not disappoint, and kevin especially enjoyed it. so we figured it’d be a nice throwback to freshman year.

since it was snowing all weekend, i didn’t venture to other areas i usually stop by (chinatown, back bay, campus, PKT… though the population of students i still know is rapidly dwindling…) it was still really nice to enjoy the company of my friends and just be with each other. there’s something about being with close friends that puts me completely at ease. i’m entirely myself, and i don’t feel the need to impress anyone. i miss that.

good job, ogilvy. they made an interactive love story for Lacta chocolate: love @ first site. except this took me forever to get through. it’s probably the longest time i’ve ever spent on an ad because i kept making decisions that ended the love story prematurely (and i wanted to see the proper ending.) it’s a bit cheesy but entertaining. i’m not going to lie, it makes me want to go to greece a little.

currently watching: Rebel Without a Cause with the new england/arizona game in the background. the highlight was when wes welker made a snow angel (=
currently listening to: The Holiday soundtrack.
not a great movie, but a decent soundtrack.

instrumental is the way to go when words are not enough.


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