home. sorta.

at the condo in Crystal Springs with my family + dad’s brother’s family = family of my only female cousin. hence, my closest cousin. glad she’s here for Christmas!

it’s nice to see my dad with his brothers because he has a certain way he acts when he’s around them. since they have this connection, he is especially goofy and cracks even more corny jokes. he’s not just my silly dad. he’s my silly dad who’s someone else’s baby brother. who has this mischievous twinkle in his eye. it’s refreshing (= it’s also funny to see daddy law drunk.

jer is hamster-sitting his friend’s hamster, pocky. he’s super cute, but he keeps running on the wheel and making a lot of noise. but so so cute. i’m considering getting one of those instead of a puppy. lower maintenance, you know? but kind of smelly…is there such thing as a cute low maintenance furry pet?

coming from an interesting conversation with a very close friend of mine. an honest, real guy. so honest and shameless that he would comment on how a certain j.crew sweater was not meant for girls with big boobs =/ caught me off guard at first but. hahhahahaha

A: well everybody needs some sort of defense/prerequistes
      but just cause they gottem doesn’t mean you jump on in
      i say taking it slow cautiously is best
     cause you know
     a lot of ppl should have those requirements
     so just cause you find one doesn’t mean more ain’t out there
me: hahaha
      of couuuurse
A: instead of thinking you want this and that which are the requirements
     that should be viewed as the standard
     everyone else being below standard
     so just cdause someone is at that standard don’t mean that they all that
     its more like, ok, you pass, but you‘re still only got a D
     what else you packing?
me: hahhaha
A: so ebonics
me: =D
A: and then as they prove themselves more
     then its like aiteeeee maybe
     you got a bit more of my ear now
     around C grade its like ok, this person is worth getting to konw
     when its around B or so then its like ON
     A, thats the only time i’d say you hop on it right away
     not many get As 

that’s a good way of looking at it (=


i think i had something else to say, but i forget. tomorrow is a new day. perhaps i will remember then.

Merry Christmas =D


2 thoughts on “home. sorta.

  1. kevinintheairforce

    haha…you have no idea how much i needed to hear that right now tonight. thanks meesh + meesh’s friend. =)

    merry (west coast snowless) christmas!

  2. kevinintheairforce.. you suffer from finding alpha males too? 🙂 i kid i kid.

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