a lifetime of secrets.

thanks kristin for getting me the book by frank warren (from the post secret project)

in addition to getting me a new boyfriend

he’s quite cuddly.

some quotes from the book:

I’m afraid to grow up because sometimes it seems like things will never feel this beautiful again…

I save every card, note, letter, picture, drawing, and e-mail my friends send me so that when I am old & alone I will remember how much I was loved.

it gets harder to be the good girl every day.

I destroy videos of myself as a child because it pains me to see a time before I ruined my innocence.

i wish you hadn’t been my first kiss.

i hide my vulnerability behind meanness.

Someday, I want to go for a walk, and come home years later, having found myself.

i am so scared that I will never find what I am looking for because I am a bad looker

i’ll end it with a funny one:

Dear Post Secret,
The day I turned eleven, I waited all day for the letter written in emerald-green ink telling me I had been accepted to Hogwarts.

AHAHAHAHHA. poor kid.


One thought on “a lifetime of secrets.

  1. is he treating you well?

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