what should i give up for lent?

i never really did lent growing up, but some of my friends participated when i got to college. i decided to try it, and it was kind of helpful in cutting out bad habits. i don’t know though…i don’t think Lent ever really had a huge impact on me because i pretty much deprived myself for the sake of breaking habits. i want to be more intentional about what i do for lent this year. i want it to be meaningful…


2 thoughts on “what should i give up for lent?

  1. The poll wouldn’t let me vote for some reason, so I’m voting here. I love the idea of volunteering! I like the thought of doing something positive for Lent.

    Now I need to figure out what I’m adding/giving up. I just ate two cookies. Maybe that should factor in…

  2. i voted for 3 things simultaneously haha. time is a biggie. like besides volunteering, you can also throw in an hour a day for just God. that’ll be a super hard Lent. but all the more intentional & meaningful. or you could try 30 mins 😛

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