had a few drinks at brother jimmy’s the other night, and JR from the city (the hills spinoff) was our bartender. i remember thinking he was really cute when he was serving us but didn’t recognize him. at one point i mentioned that one of the characters from the city worked at a brother jimmy’s, and my friend rachel said, “wait! i think that’s him!” we immediately googled him on our respective smartphones and learned that his name was JR. after confirming his name, we proceeded to buy a round of shots (one for him as well) and i had to leave to meet a few other friends. i guess the fun began after i left. at least my friend melissa took some pictures img_19861 he’s rather pretty indeed.
yes. we watch quality television in the changsimlaw household.

i love the io pixel ads. “pink makes me look chubby!” so cute and nerdy. hahaha.

i love the AT&T sweet pea commercial

i want to watch the new .


One thought on “blahblahblah.

  1. I think that the pixel ad is genius. Love it. Read my most recent posts – it relates 🙂

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