eye contact.

i’ve been kinda MIA, eh?

when i hopped on the train yesterday, i made eye contact with an attractive asian guy wearing a beanie. (missed connections, anyone? hehe) it didn’t register right away, but a moment later i realized he bore an uncanny resemblance to a friend of mine, whose brother happens to be one of the few asian pop stars i recognize. i didn’t want to stare and be rude, so i later texted my friend to see if he had another brother i didn’t know about. it turns out 1) pop star brother was in town and 2) he does have another brother that wasn’t in town. so yay for an official celebrity spotting. only in new york…

hrm. i wonder if it’s difficult being related to a celebrity. he must have random crazies trying to use him to get to his brother. i think i would be pretty untrusting and wary of people’s intentions after being burned a few times. isn’t it hard enough determining who you can trust as a regular person? all in all though, he seems to handle it pretty well since he’s a good-natured and down-to-earth (and not at all pretentious or stuck-up).  and no i’m not just complimenting because he’s related to a celebrity.

if there’s anyone i dislike, it’s the type of person that acts superior to others because of their socio-economic status. thanks daddy and mama law for reminding me about that one.

on that note, happy birthday, mama law =D


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