twitter, you do not impress me.

i joined twitter since, according to my friend greg,  i need to understand it for work. and i must say, it doesn’t impress me. it’s kind of like following your friends’ facebook/gmail statuses/RSS feeds and commenting on them. a bit public and stalkerish if you ask me. also, who are these random strangers that added me on twitter? why would you want to follow me??

my almost little sister courtney sent me this video, which sums up my feelings pretty nicely =D

i guess it’s kind of cool that you can follow celebrities and public figures. i’m still baffled by how popular it has become. i wouldn’t join twitter for my own pleasure though.  still waiting to be impressed. i may just let my account die.


3 thoughts on “twitter, you do not impress me.

  1. i concur. madd stupid.


    is where i’m archiving my useful links about twitter.

    i think as a media person you can start to approach it less than merely about how to keep in touch with your friends, who might actually be later to the game and not really leverage it. more so as how its starting to change communities and ways that information/news is spread. i used it for the first time to meet ppl at a conference last week and it was an amazing thing.

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