dunder mifflin newsletter. swine flu entries.

i get the weekly dunder mifflin newsletters.

by Oscar Martinez

Will everyone please stop asking me if I had swine flu? No, I did not. I was sick last week with a common cold. It is very offensive that you’d assume that I had swine flu merely based on the fact that I’m of Mexican descent. I have not been to Mexico in the last three years! I especially don’t appreciate the way Angela is wearing a medical mask around me. If one more person brings up Swine Flu to me, I’m going to Toby.

by Kevin Malone

You guys, please stop asking me if I have swine flu. I’m kinda sensitive about my weight, so I don’t think it’s funny when you ask me if I have a disease just because there’s a pig reference in the name. It’s very hurtful. Also don’t call me Kevin Bacon any more.



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