wedding crasher preparations

from today’s urbandaddy. so this is a social network for wedding attendees…who the heck has time to sign up and go through the list for every single wedding??

Published August 10, 2009

Here Comes the Bridesmaids
Your New Guide to Wedding Crashing

UrbanDaddy - Wedding PrePartyFirst, a word of warning: we’re about to take you inside a land where the competition is so vicious, so cutthroat, that even the best and the bravest don’t always make it out alive.

Yes, we’re talking about flirting with bridesmaids, and we’ve found a newer, better, tech-savvier way of doing it. (Leave the balloon dogs at home.)

More specifically, we’re talking about Wedding PreParty, a first-of-its kind site that gets you key intel on the key figures attending your best friends’ weddings.

First off, we apologize—as you would expect, it originates with one of these bridezilla type wedding sites where scientists experiment with the latest in sinister wedding excess—like self-aware china patterns. But if the bride is using it, then it’s going to be full of those lovely summer creatures known as bridesmaids, friends of bridesmaids and friends of friends of bridesmaids—and you’re wise to make your presence known.

Once you’ve logged in, it’s like you have a team of advanced scouts, finding out the maid of honor cries during Sleepless in Seattle (Nora Ephron always had that effect on you, too) or learning the cousin’s sisters political beliefs (why yes, you did vote for Ron Paul), or that the bearded groomsman is going to be legitimate competition (spends his summers saving the whales in between competing in decathlons).

Of course, you save the whales all year long.

One thought on “wedding crasher preparations

  1. all the fun is being taken out.

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