mpumalanga, south africa.


elephants in kruger national park. photo stolen from my brother. many more of my own to follow once i return to NY.

about to hit the road back to johannesburg to catch a flight to paris, but i wanted to post a quick update (mostly so i don’t forget myself.) in order to maximize the amount of time spent exploring, most of our flights have been overnight. unrestful sleep, coupled with being windblown in an open-air vehicle, has led to a pretty awful cold that i spent most of yesterday recovering from. i’m much better now, and am ready to romp around paris.

thursday 8.20
rushed to finish all my work at the office and hop on an overnight flight from newark to paris.

friday 8.21
arrived in paris. took the RER to versailles, only to discover tons of people and dry looking gardens that weren’t nearly as beautiful as i had recalled from my visit 4 years ago. the fountains were still gorgeous though. took an overnight flight to johannesburg, south africa.

saturday 8.22
arrived in johannesburg. drove 4 hours to mpumalanga.

oop. getting kicked off by jeremy.


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