darn you, direct tv!

just checked nbc.com to see when friday night lights is premiering. as it turns out, season 4 started in october and is showing exclusively on direct tv (which i don’t have.) grrrr i was SO looking forward to this season. my favorite show is unavailable to me – this saddens me deeply.

reminder to self: must buy season 4 dvd.


One thought on “darn you, direct tv!

  1. no no, FNL will be showing on NBC, but not until next year! originally i think it was supposed to come back in january, but now i heard it’s not coming back until later than that, argh. i just talked to my editor at Thirteen who has DirectTV and he says this new season is AMAZING. he had me drooling with anticipation, hahaha. i can’t wait to watch it!

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