up in the air.

me: i know i just got new glasses
Kristin: lol
you’ll be like back in the 70s
me: 😀
Kristin: why not get htem
its not like your presciption is changing drastically these days..
and avatar is like never going to happen
paul works monday
me: ugH.
up in the air?
Kristin: about the glasseS?
why would you be up int eh air
me: nono
the movie
Kristin: oh
sorry i think i really missed somethignhere
but what is the movie
me: the movie is called UP IN THE AIR
omg haha
Kristin: oh
my god.
oh wait
yea okay

2 thoughts on “up in the air.

  1. wow i say like a lot. like like like like.

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