as i was getting ready for bed tonight, i looked closely at the jeans i was wearing. apparently i ripped a small hole in the ass of my jeans when i was stretching my back earlier today. oops…time for new jeans.

and my back, well, is another story. apparently i have pretty unsightly posture at the office. that, coupled with the fact that my computer screen is at a slight angle, is the reason my lower back is giving me so much pain now. it started as a dull ache that quickly escalated to a stiff lower back. (the cold weather does NOT help either…) now that i have to bend my knees and squat to pick things up, i have a much deeper respect for the pregnant and elderly.

went to the doctor today and she tried to diagnose what happened. the conversation went something like this:
doc: do you dance?
me: yes, but not much lately. i went dancing on saturday…
doc: do you play lift weights or play sports?
me: i worked out a few weeks ago, but i haven’t really played sports lately…

basically, i’m usually more active and haven’t been. i got injured by doing nothing, essentially. it would be so much better if i hurt myself doing something badass. sheesh.

that said, an adhesive hot pad can do wonders. i’m going to rest up, heat up, and get a massage. especially since i’m trying to go snowboarding at windham on sunday. don’t tell my doctor.


One thought on “ripped.

  1. kevinintheairforce

    aww meesh…

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