gah. totally forgot that lent is starting.

brainstormed with my roommate, michelle (whom we call mjeong to avoid confusion), and we’re agreed upon the following:

  • no red meat (beef, pork)
  • no snacking (unless as dessert after a meal)
  • 1AM bedtime on school nights
  • no online shopping (me)
  • no sweets (mjeong)
  • no facebook (mjeong)

this list may be amended if we think of better ideas.

also considered:

  • no drinking
  • no boys
  • quality time with a different friend each week

the first two haven’t really been problems per se…and i think i may run out of friends to meet up with.

definitely open to additional suggestions.


5 thoughts on “lent.

  1. giving up red meat makes me 😦

  2. how about no tv?

  3. those are tough to follow… i just try to stick with one thing, for the past couple years it’s been no shopping, but maybe i’ll change it up this year.

    i thought pork could be considered as white meat.

    And nix the “no boys” consideration. being in nyc is already tough enough, why further limit any possibilities? =)

  4. kevinintheairforce

    you might be temporarily suspending #1…on both lists…when i visit. does that mean you can’t spend quality time with me? or that i’m a bad friend? =(

  5. why is pork considered red? isnt it the “other white meat”

    you should do like the 100 mile diet for 40 days

    or dont eat out for 40 days… that would be ridiculous

    no baked goods for 40 days

    no artifical sweetners

    no shampoo

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