yayy! so much joy just watching that little green check mark appear.  have pretty much been checking every hour on the hour since it left the warehouse in PA.

droid x has been delivered after almost 2 months of frustration with the storm. the samsung flip has been a simple – but consistent – companion the past few weeks. that puppy has lasted me since college.

2 thoughts on “shipped!

  1. Niiiiice, I’m loving mine already myself. Here are some apps/widgets I’m loving:

    1) Calorie Counter
    Seriously, this thing is my favorite thing in the world. You can SCAN BARCODES with your phone and it’ll autopopulate all the nutritional info, which you can then input to your “food diary” on a daily basis and track everything. I use it for tracking protein for lifting / building, but it’s useful for anything related to diet or exercise.

    2) Pandora
    3) Facebook

    4) Google Sky Maps
    Hold your phone up to the night sky and identify constellations. Pretty sweet.

    5) DroidFit
    Shows you new exercises/workouts.

    6) Epicurious
    Recipes app.

    7) Soundhound
    Hold your phone up to cool song you don’t know the name of and it’ll give you both the name and the lyrics.

    8) Movies
    Made by Flixter, shows movie reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and lists showtimes to all the theaters near you (using your GPS location).

    9) cab4me
    Press button, get info on all the cab companies near you. Press another button to call them.

    10) AK Notepad
    11) Astrid Tasks
    12) (comes with a widget)

    13) Bump
    Press phone up to another smartphone and exchange contact info automatically. It’s like phone…sex… but literally.

    Has a word-of-the-day widget that’s awesome.

    15) Handcent SMS
    If you want texts to appear like they do on an iPhone.

    16) Ringdroid
    Make custom ringtones out of any mp3.

    17) Skies of Glory

    18) NYCmate
    Subway maps woo woo.

    If you find any other sweet ones that I didn’t list, let me know!

  2. i’ll miss the samsung flip again… ahhahaha

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