i love you.

such a simple phrase that’s so difficult to say out loud.  especially for friends whose parents never said it.  even if it’s understood,  hearing someone say it out loud makes a world of difference.

which brings me back to the reason i brought the topic up.  when you’re around people you love,  you don’t usually think to tell them how you feel. there are very few people that will pass through your life and leave your heart changed. with two of my closest friends moving on to new life phases (one physically moving away and another moving onto engagement / marriage),  i don’t want them to move forward without the reassurance that i love them both desperately with all my heart.

so.  this is me not waiting until you’ve gone to tell you i love you.  quite dearly. this is a time to celebrate!!

4 thoughts on “i love you.

  1. i think i tell you i love you all the time. more than my mom in fact!

  2. cuteeeeeeeeee!

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