My Galapagos Celebrity Cruises trip delayed/canceled due to disputed lobster violation

My Galapagos Celebrity Cruises trip delayed/canceled due to disputed lobster violation

As I write this, I am at a loss for words and in disbelief. My family was previously scheduled to leave our hotel in Quito and depart on the Celebrity Xpedition tomorrow morning (5/26). After receiving the news from a representative and reading this letter, it’s clear that’s not happening. We’ll find out on Monday if we can even head out on Tuesday (at the earliest), if at all this week. Apparently a political struggle between the cruise line and the Galapagos National Park has escalated into permit witholding, and all 90+ passengers are going to suffer the consequences of their poor judgment and poor risk management.

I’m infuriated not only because my plans have been spoiled or altered; I’m infuriated because of what this means for everyone that eagerly anticipated this trip of a lifetime and in return may not have the chance to take it at all. We’ve all looked forward to explore this rarely traveled part of the world together, and it’s beyond disappointing to have to accept any lesser alternative.

5 thoughts on “My Galapagos Celebrity Cruises trip delayed/canceled due to disputed lobster violation

  1. Really hope it is all resolved – we are scheduled for the same trip leaving this Thursday.

    • meeshiemoshie

      I would triple check with Celebrity before you get on the plane out here. I’ll post an update when I receive an update on my trip.

  2. Galapagos is not just a destination to visit. Galapagos is probably the most important national park in the world. Those who inhabit the islands and visitors to the islands, must be socially and environmentally responsible. How to be responsible? respect the rules of the park, respect wildlife and ecosystems, and no less important, is to investigate those who will potentially provide us services.

  3. Last march 11-2103 the Xpedition ship had lobsters on board out of lobsters season and worst, these lobsters did not have the sizes required to be caught and traded. The Galapagos Conservation Law does not allow capture and marketing lobsters after a few days that fishing season ended the last December 31, 2013. This irresponsible act of the Xpedition ship is not fault of the Galapagos National Park, the only responsible of this environmental crimen is the tourist company that apparently does not like to respect the law, because in 2005 this boat also was found with caught sharks on board, which are protected species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve. I think passengers should find another alternative to visit the islands and demand that the company will refund your money and pay for the disrespect lack against Galapagos as a Natural Heritage of Humanity.

  4. We were scheduled for the June 2nd cruise, which was cancelled in the middle of the night on the day we were scheduled to fly to Quito. Sure looks like Celebrity had notice that there might be a problem….

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