Currently Watching: First Position


Finally got around to completing some knitted goodies and mailed them yesterday 🙂





Geek Targeting

I watched this amazing video produced by my MIT brethren recently:

And was targeted with these ads:

Should I be offended?

Caught Red-Handed

Caught purse shopping by my ads…My work follows me everywhere.


cute fuzzy animals to fawn over before the long weekend.

why not?

Peeking Baby Owl

So freaking adorable. I could watch this little guy play all day.

SF so far…

I can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since I moved across the country. My experience uprooting from New York and adjusting to my new life in SF has been emotional, challenging, and really quite exciting. All feelings that reassure me that I belong here at this point in my life.

I went through my camera tonight and realized that I hadn’t transferred any photos onto my laptop since April. I’m going to try to be more diligent in maintaining my visual documentary and keep up with my photo albums.

A Cinco De Mayo photo stroll at Fisherman’s Wharf turned into a bit of a car show.

Got to experience the legen…wait for it…dary Bay 2 Breakers.

Our safari crew!

Had to be careful not to end up like this unfortunate soul.

Art on Fillmore.