which verizon smartphone should i get next?

i’m a bit on the fence about the new blackberry storm 2 and motorola droid. i’m leaning one way, but i don’t want to skew poll results. hrmmmmmmm.

a new phone.

so. i kind of need to get a new phone since my KRZR gave me the white screen of death. i have been considering the iphone or the new storm. the iphone is beautiful, sharp, and has a lot of apps. the storm is new, cool, and i can stay in the verizon network. i posted a surveymonkey survey, and some of my friends voted. the sample size is too small to make any definitive conclusions (not like i’ll really listen once i make up my mind…), but the “other” suggestions made my day.


i know kristin wrote 1 and 4, but 3 is super cute and made me warm and fuzzy inside. 5 just made me laugh out loud at the office =D

i’m gonna swing by the verizon store to see how soon i can get the storm.