“she wants to change the world. and be with someone doing that too.”

oops. wrote this up in AUGUST. never published it.

“[michelle] wants to save the world. and be with someone doing that too.” – christina fang (paraphrased because i can’t remember the exact words.)

last night over dinner at lemongrass in nj, my buddy alan asked me to describe my dear childhood friend christina. immediately i said, “she wants to rule the world.” surprised at how quickly that came out, christina pondered that comment and slowly realized how true it was. she is one of the most driven, ambitious, independent women i have come to know and love.

then alan proceeded to ask christina the same question, to which she thoughtfully responded, “she wants to change the world. and be with someone doing that too.”┬áher answer startled me for a moment. it’s been ages since i’ve really thought about the big picture of my life. i mean, i think about my future all the time but typically in smaller time increments – i.e. the next few years. what christina said was very true though. incredibly so. at my heart of hearts, i want to make an impact. and be in love and living life with someone with a strong passion for making his own impact as well.

i love catching up and feeling loved by old friends. [had some more nostalgic romantic mumbo jumbo intertwined in this closing but decided against it. yatta!]