kiss your sweetie.

got my jackrabbit e-newsletter today, and they’re offering  a discount for couples who kiss at the register. cute idea – i strongly recommend if you’re part of a couple that runs or if you’re not afraid to kiss people. details below:

Kiss Your Sweetie Promo⇒

Emolior Academy

From Thurs Feb 4 until Valentines Day we’re offering a special promo for couples. Come into any of our stores with your sweetie and get:

15% off any two or more pairs of shoes

20% off any two or more pieces of apparel

But, in order to earn your discount you have to kiss your sweetie at the register. That’s right, just share a kiss with your special someone to get your discount! Just make sure one of our staff members sees the kiss, because just telling us you kissed someone doesn’t count. If you don’t have a sweetie at the moment you can always try to meet someone at the store, or better yet come to one of the Valentine’s day singles events listed above on Feb 14th to get the same great deals.