Korean bbq, it’s been too long.


korean matchmaking.

have you heard of jdate.com? it’s a dating site for jewish people (and those interested in jewish people). [side not: it’s actually pretty legit, since i know relatively normal, level-headed people that have joined. actually, i used to work with someone who wasn’t jewish but grew up in a very jewish community and found her current husband on jdate. amazing, right? personally, i’m not sure how i feel about putting myself on a dating site. definitely not happening now, but i can see its merits since it’s becoming more and more socially acceptable in certain circles…] there’s also kdate.com for korean americans.

i got this ad in an e-newsletter today.
korean booking. with comedians. omgosh haha
if i were korean, i might actually go for the entertainment value.



for interested koreans, you can go here to sign up. i won’t judge.  (=