lent verdict.

i’ve decided on what i’m giving up for lent…

PORK. dun dun dun…

i realized how much of my diet consists of pork, so this is going to be a tough 40 days.

food i’m going to miss dearly:
xiao long bao
pork belly buns
grilled ham and cheese sandwiches
pulled pork tacos
ham, egg, and cheese on an english muffin
ramen in pork broth

listing these out makes me a little sad. and oh, by the way, i’m going to hong kong in a week. pork CENTRAL. sigh. it’s not going to be easy explaining the concept of lent in cantonese to relatives.

what to do for lent??

hmmm it’s that time of year again…lent!

this season totally snuck up on me. hmmm what to do what to do?


last year i gave up red meat, and i almost lassoed my own cow. the feeling of taking that first bite into the bison burger on easter sunday was. indescribable.



gah. totally forgot that lent is starting.

brainstormed with my roommate, michelle (whom we call mjeong to avoid confusion), and we’re agreed upon the following:

  • no red meat (beef, pork)
  • no snacking (unless as dessert after a meal)
  • 1AM bedtime on school nights
  • no online shopping (me)
  • no sweets (mjeong)
  • no facebook (mjeong)

this list may be amended if we think of better ideas.

also considered:

  • no drinking
  • no boys
  • quality time with a different friend each week

the first two haven’t really been problems per se…and i think i may run out of friends to meet up with.

definitely open to additional suggestions.