my hurricane to-do list.

things to remember before hurricane irene engulfs my city:

  • bluetape the windows
  • move electronics and furniture away from the windows
  • buy bottled water
  • shower before the storm and then fill up the tub
  • fill pots with extra water
  • buy canned food (spam, chef boyardee. what whatttt)
  • wash the dishes you’ve been piling up
  • throw away stinky trash. it’ll get stinkier if you’re stuck.
  • buy batteries for your flashlight (or buy a flashlight)
  • charge your phone
  • charge your laptop so you can watch movies on it later (don’t kid yourself. wireless internet doesn’t work when there’s no electricity.)
  • dig up all the scented candles that were gifted to you over the years. and matchboxes collected from restaurants.
  • stock up on magazines and reading material
  • convince friends to stay with you so you’re not hiding in your bathroom from fear of the storm (check! got a puppy thrown in also!)
  • keep checking twitter updates for new updates in hopes of a mis-forecast

planned a hot pot lunch with friends for saturday, but a bunch won’t be able to attend due to the MTA shutdown starting at noon. looks like we’ll be having leftovers for a few days if we’re rained in. good thing i have a gas burner in case the electricity cuts out.

on another note, stoked that chinae’s ever witty to-do list¬†went insta-viral today!

falling back in love.

falling back in love with ny. learning to take time to enjoy it.

sometimes i forget how privileged i am to live in this city.

alicia keys!

i was just invited to go to the alicia keys concert on thursday at the apollo theater in harlem! eeee i love her. super excited.

watch the live stream here: