unfreakingbelievable. beyond unprofessional.

[UPDATE] it appears that david has disabled chroma9.com. no matter, here’s a screenshot of what it used to look like. if you’re really eager to contact him, you can snail mail him or utilize google for your stalking pleasure. it’s nearly impossible to hide. for some more back story and real-time commentary: http://www.reddit.com/r/WTF/comments/w57og/a_web_designers_racist_response_to_a_prospective/

[UPDATE #2] ALSO, if you go to chroma9.com now, you’ll hit with the following:
a) a trololol video
b) javascript alert() bombs which make it nearly impossible to close the page
-save yourself the trouble.
friend of a friend interviewed this guy for a position and was apparently planning to hire him. not anymore, and i hope nobody ever does. i cannot believe my eyes, and i am absolutely beyond myself right now. does this guy think there are no consequences for his comments? this city and industry are far too small to presume he will go unscathed after a statement like that. incredulous.

i’m fairly certain this david bernett is going to get more traffic to chroma9.com this weekend than ever before.