sytycd season 8

i’m such a sucker for this stuff.

sytycd returns!!

super stoked for the new season of so you think you can dance. i will be looking forward to a date every wednesday with my tivo, thankyouverymuch!

every time i watch this routine, my heart falls out of my chest. i love good dance shows. none of that dancing with the stars stuff. and you know, i love alex wong because he’s the most phenomenal dancer that i’ve seen on this show. seeing him get injured was pretty devastating for me.

janette cut from sytycd

i’m addicted to the show so you think you can dance. it makes me want to spend all my free time in the studio. it’s refreshing, energizing, motivating, [insert more positive adjectives here.] there are some amazing dancers and phenomenal choreographers. on that show.

janette, a petite salsa dancer from miami and probably my favorite, was cut tonight. she had enormous stage presence, versatility, superb flexibility, and was fascinating to watch. i can’t believe it )=

america voted incorrectly. y’all suck. we need a revote.