NJ is currently shut down. Shoveled for a bit but the snow blower is much more efficient. Please note that I’m wearing snow overalls.


yayy! so much joy just watching that little green check mark appear.  have pretty much been checking every hour on the hour since it left the warehouse in PA.

droid x has been delivered after almost 2 months of frustration with the storm. the samsung flip has been a simple – but consistent – companion the past few weeks. that puppy has lasted me since college.

which verizon smartphone should i get next?

i’m a bit on the fence about the new blackberry storm 2 and motorola droid. i’m leaning one way, but i don’t want to skew poll results. hrmmmmmmm.

a new phone.

so. i kind of need to get a new phone since my KRZR gave me the white screen of death. i have been considering the iphone or the new storm. the iphone is beautiful, sharp, and has a lot of apps. the storm is new, cool, and i can stay in the verizon network. i posted a surveymonkey survey, and some of my friends voted. the sample size is too small to make any definitive conclusions (not like i’ll really listen once i make up my mind…), but the “other” suggestions made my day.


i know kristin wrote 1 and 4, but 3 is super cute and made me warm and fuzzy inside. 5 just made me laugh out loud at the office =D

i’m gonna swing by the verizon store to see how soon i can get the storm.