Geek Targeting

I watched this amazing video produced by my MIT brethren recently:

And was targeted with these ads:

Should I be offended?

Peeking Baby Owl

So freaking adorable. I could watch this little guy play all day.

Sarah Kay: If I Should Have a Daughter

Incredible. I stumbled across her performance on the TED channel on the plane a few months ago.

I love art so much.

A New Beginning – Mike Lazerow

Incredibly touching video from Mike Lazerow of Buddy Media.

join Gap in support of dance

just launched my first campaign today at my new job with ADITIVE! Gap is donating $1 to the Debbie Allen Dance Academy for every video shared from here. PS the kids are really good dancers. sheeeesh.

Click here to help support the cause 🙂

the more shares the better. and it makes me look good of course. enjoy!

s**t recruiters say

bahahaha. pretty accurate. aaand this guy may or may not have been my recruiter once upon a time…?

“Up” in real life!

my cousin sent this to me:

so cool!! i wonder if there was anyone in the house…