oops. this is a dating site…?

oops. i think i accidentally signed up for a dating site. http://www.howaboutwe.com/ i thought this was a site where people share and compare fun date/gathering ideas…aaaaand i was wrong. all i wanted to do was impart the little wisdom i had, since a lot of visitors ask where would be a good place to take a friend/date or what fun activity could partake in. i was going to give some good advice on cool places to relax with friends, take a loved one, entertain family. (picnic along the hudson, wander the west village, rock climb in brooklyn/chelsea…or pick up girls at a flea market like my buddy mike)…then realized i was just giving ideas for the type of date someone could take me on…kindhearted FAIL.

…at one point a few years back i entertained the idea of starting an activities-related site based on the group type, size, ambience, price point, etc. until i realized urbandaddy had already come up with the next move and already developed an iphone app. never muffle a good idea.  oh wellll. couldawouldashoulda. i’d still be up for developing a more comprehensive product though. much much more could be done there.

maybe i should start a spinoff: http://www.howaboutwedont.com/. maybe then we’ll be able to let people know what not to do on dates. like…not inviting a girl to a first date at a mets game with 10 of your closest guy friends that she didn’t know would be there. (i’m just saying, it may or may not have happened once.) or not riding those horse carriages at central park. they STINK. (thankfully hasn’t happened, but i can imagine the torture.)

that’s actually a pretty good idea. i might start collecting stories. accepting submissions now! why am i so genius sometimes?

the worst iphone app. ever.

the girlfriend keeper app for iphone. such a d-bag idea. if i ever find out that a guy i date  uses this…ughh. maybe i just won’t date guys with iphones haha