14 new rules of digital and online dating.

mama law took the liberty of printing this laptopmag article out for my brother and me. pretty insightful and funny. it’s a different era now.

by dana wollman.

an excerpt on googling:

Google At Your Own Risk

Few things are more awkward than showing up to a date and asking questions about things that person never shared with you. “Obviously, people are going to get curious and do a little searching,” Scudder allowed. But knowing too much can taint the fun of getting to know someone, and people will feel invaded—defensive, even—if they suspect you already know too much about them. Since you’re likely to do it anyway, search at your own peril—and watch your mouth on date night.

google wave. the future.

wow. google is ingenious. really. google wave is fascinating.

google latitude.

google has developed its latitude product, through which you can locate others via their cell phones.

it seems pretty stalkerish and big brotherish.