Odie’s Sweater was a Success!

Just mailed this doggie sweater to my friend Diana in Boston. Glad it fit Odie so well!



Confirmed: We can go to Galapagos!

Looks like the situation has been resolved, and a judge has signed an injunction which allows our ship to sail the islands and access the park on Monday. After several frustrating meetings leading up to this resolution, Celebrity has offered a few compensation options, and my family has elected to embark tomorrow with $125/person, 1 day pro-rated cruise refund, and equivalent credit from what we paid toward a future Xpedition trip in the next 2 years. As it turns out, there are a few oddities in the future credit offer: the next 2 years are nearly booked, the Xpedition only runs 2 very similar Galapagos routes, and most people want to check another destination off their bucket list once they’ve come here. There’s more to be resolved, but I’m just excited to see the boobies.

So much for a stress-free vacation. Onward!

the holidays in hong kong.

decorations at world trade. tinkerbell looks like a polar bear. mango pudding. my friend jonho. hotpot @ g-ma’s. english class reunited. green tea snow ice (direct translation). scotch. laundry. curry @ narita during the layover.

holiday shots.

a partridge mislabeled as patrick. poo identification book. patriotic christmas cookies. kyotofu.